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A new start to blogging

Updated: Apr 24

I named this blog post ‘A new start to blogging’ because I want to write again. I feel inspired by spring and the (slightly) better weather here in the UK. Being bi-lingual and having strong traits of dyslexia (never tested), I feel fearful about writing, making mistakes and I know its a great way to express myself, go into myself and reflect deeply about stuff. I like journaling when times are tough but its not part of a daily or even weekly self care routine. I like meditating, walking in nature, reading and have a similar relationships with those activities, in that I Ieave it and go back to it. I am just not a fixed routine kind of person and prefer to pick and chose what reduces stress and anxiety. I am ok with that, it works for me and sometimes feel the pressure and hear my inner critic telling me off. ‘You could do better than this!’ Rest by myself is my only fixed go to, just to be, stare, think and unwind. My inner critic relaxes, my body and mind feel relief and chill and it recharges me. I’ve enjoyed writing this and please let me know of any spelling/ grammatical mistakes! See you soon!

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